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My art derives from those elements of my life, that I grab from my daily routine and everyday life as well as from the one-off unrepeatable moments. Through my highlights these elements become part of an – untill then not existing – complex but fictive pictorial form. These highlights are most of all symbols that typify the then sensations, emotions and memories of mine, and that become part of a personal symbolic system which grounds the style of my works.


These collage-like spaces created with a subjective selection slowly fade away, reduce to simple forms, that let the viewer a step more in, divesting him or her of their occasional outsiderness. At this stage geometric elements meet organic forms and the featuring of different factural qualities become important as well. Here I mean the dialogue between a more geometrical swimming pool with the greenery around it, or the repetitive pattern of tyles with the undulation of the water and so on. Sand often appears as an imaging instrument, sometimes as in its own nature, sometimes as a colored texture. I am trying to keep the beauty of the void that the spaces fulfilled with emptiness provide and share it with the viewer. There is more in common life then what we meet.