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Mónika Kárándi


My art derives from those elements of my life, that I grab from my daily routine and everyday life as well as from the one-off unrepeatable moments. Through my highlights these elements become part of an – untill then not existing – complex but fictive pictorial form. These highlights are most of all symbols that typify the then sensations, emotions and memories of mine, and that become part of a personal symbolic system which grounds the style of my works.

These collage-like spaces created with a subjective selection slowly fade away, reduce to simple forms, that let the viewer a step more in, divesting him or her of their occasional outsiderness. At this stage geometric elements meet organic forms and the featuring of different factural qualities become important as well. Here I mean the dialogue between a more geometrical swimming pool with the greenery around it, or the repetitive pattern of tyles with the undulation of the water and so on. Sand often appears as an imaging instrument, sometimes as in its own nature, sometimes as a colored texture. I am trying to keep the beauty of the void that the spaces fulfilled with emptiness provide and share it with the viewer. There is more in common life then what we meet.

Besides all these, it has become an important question for me how the present medium is able to stay interesting in the 21st century. My sight specific installation „Laguna” deals with this question. I ask questions both from the viewer and myself; how do my strongly personal paintings refer to contemporary art living the dawn of istallative, project-based, conceptual artworks.




2009 – 2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU

2012 – Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, ES

2008 – 2009 Eszterhazy Karoly University of Applied Sciences, Eger, HU



2021 – Kepesita Collection

2012 – Erasmus Scholarship, Spain

2011 – Pannoncolor prize



2021 – Növényekkel suttogó, Országút, Zsófi Ványa

2021 – A disztópiákba vetett remény/Efemer rémálmok, Új művészet, Tímea Fülöp

A disztópiába vetett remény

2021 – Visszavonulás, Bizakodás, Jövőbe Tekintés, Artmagazin, Tekla Róza Szilágyi

2020 – Pillanatnyi paradicsom, Artkartell, Gábor Rieder

2019 – „Akik élnek azok délnek mennek…”, Balkon, Ferenc Margl

2019 – Pálmafák fonákja, Artkartell magazin, Gábor Rieder

2019 – MŰÚT, 2019072

2018 – Catalog: Ezek a legszebb éveink?/ Time of our lives?, MODEM, Debrecen



2020 – Jákotpuszta

2019 – LuppArt, Lupa sziget, Hungary

2019 – Hybrid Art Lab, Köveskál, Hungary

2013 – 11. Art Stays, Ptuj, Slovenia
2014 – Mátraterenye, Hungary
2015 – Mátraterenye, Hungary



Solo exhibitions

2020 – Stunning Beaches, Hungarian Consulate in London, London, GB

2019 – Splash, Art Kartell Project Space, Budapest. HU

2019 – Blue Lagoon, Telep Galéria, Budapest, HU

2019 – Dancing in the moonlight, Klauzál13, Budapest, HU

2017 – Lagoon, PINCE Project, Budapest, HU

2015 – Inside, Art Forward, Budapest, HU

2011 – ’Puppies Woodstock’, Kodály Körönd Könyvesbolt és Galéria, Budapest, HU


Group exhibitions

2021 – Púder Vol.4./ Are you sure you want to reset?, Torula, Győr, Hungary

2021 – Sometimes I flow with the ocean, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2020 – Púder Vol.3/Momentary Paradise, Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre, Hungary

2019 – Púder Vol.2/Synthetic Entity, K11, Budapest, HU

2018 – HighFive!, Hültl House, Budapest, HU

2018 – 65th Autumn Exhibition in Vásárhely, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely, HU

2018 – Ezek a legszebb éveink?/ Time of our lives?, MODEM, Debrecen, HU

2018 – Confuseless, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest, HU

2018 – PÚDER, Tinta Art Café, Budapest, HU

2017 – MFG30, MFG-B Gallery, Debrecen, HU

2017 – Private Oasis, MAMŰ, Budapest, HU

2016 – UP!, Helium Contemporary, A38, Budapest, HU

2015 – Minden kanapé fölé kell egy ablak!/ There must be a window above every couch!

Hermina Gallery, Budapest, HU

2014 – Art Project – Hotel Rum, Art Forward, Budapest, HU

2014 – Diploma Exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU

2014 – Gender brush III./Gender ecset III., Barcsay Room, HUoFA, Budapest, HU

2013 – We can be a model for a landscape also/ Modellkedést tájképhez is vállalunk, Mozsár Café, Budapest, HU

2013 – Feminine-masculin/Feminin-Maszkulin, Műterem Gallery, Debrecen, HU